Allowing persons deprived of mobility and / or willing to live or relive situations become "impossible" to achieve an experience "atypical sensory and real," using new technology through virtual reality equipment and reality increased.

Currently, the concept revolves around two axes:



the booklet

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Partnership with San Salvadour Hospital (Hyères-les-Palmiers)

Pilot Establishment - 2017-2018-2019 - Clinical study to come

Our commitment : the return to the "ACTION MODE"

The genesis

In April 2012, following a benign hand surgery, specialists diagnosed Charcot’s disease to a loved one; my mom. Following this painful announcement, I started to think with my heart and therefore decided to put my energy at the service of others.

After many years, far beyond medical diagnoses, and especially following a beginning of recovery from an incurable neurodegenerative disease, Queen Elisabeth left ... The support was rich in emotions because I had decided to fight alongside him and achieve as many of his dreams as possible. During the visits to the various establishments, I became aware that my mother was not an isolated case and the association was created. An explicit name: VIEBRATION - new technology for well-being, with the aim of providing solutions to the patient but also to families.

Everything is "ViEbration" and well used with a large dose of Love, everything becomes possible so I want to tell you: let's learn to make miracles.



Our fight

With the latest encouraging publications from American studies, showing that the brain activity generated by the brain is close to or even identical to that of the immersive environment, we believe that using this technology is a powerful tool and complementary to so-called "classic" therapies. "in accompanying towards the path of new possibilities.

Initiators of the use of VR in this context and with the strength of our years of experience, in the public and private hospital environment, and undeniable positive user / carer feedback, we want to make these new escape possibilities available as soon as possible. large number.

Thanks to the expansion of our team, to current partnerships and those under negotiation, we wish to deploy these virtual reality workshops, both nationally and internationally. Also, our ambition is to promote and eventually establish centers bringing together a set of effective solutions based on alternative techniques.